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42nd Annual Boogie Schedule of Events

The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.

Thursday, July 14

8:00 AM Gates open
8:00 AM Shuttles start
9:00 AM Ice sales open
7:00 PM “Dead Beats” (Main Stage)
8:30 PM “Glamerica” (Main Stage)
9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

Friday, July 15

9:00 AM Ice sales open
10:00 AM Corn Hole Tourney registration (Boogie Dome)
10:30 AM Corn Hole Tourney begins (Boogie Dome)
10:30 AM Mini Bike Games registration (in front of Main Stage)
11:30 AM Mini Bike Games begin (in front of Main Stage)
1:30 PM Hole Shot Contest registration (Boogie Dome Motorsports Arena)
1:30 PM Beer Pong (Boogie Bar)
2:00 PM Hole Shot Contest (Boogie Dome Motorsports Arena)
2:30 PM Contest (Boogie Bar)
3:00 PM Arm Wrestling registration (Boogie Dome)
4:00 PM Arm Wrestling begins (Boogie Dome)
5:00 PM Hoosier Hunk Contest registration
6:30 PM Hoosier Hunk Contest
7:00 PM “Duke Tumatoe” (Main Stage)
8:15 PM Hoosier Honey Contest sign-in (Main Stage)
9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
9:15 PM Hoosier Honey Contest begins (Main Stage)
11:00 PM “Naked Karate Girls” (Main Stage)
2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

Saturday, July 16

9:00 AM Ice Sales opens
9:30 AM Boogie Ride registration (Motorcycle Memorial)
11:00 AM Boogie Ride (Motorcycle Memorial)
11:00 AM Bike Show registration (Downtown in Party Town)
12:00 PM Field Events registration (in front of the Main Stage)
12:00 PM Bike Show Judging (Downtown)
1:00 PM Field Events begin (in front of the Main Stage)
2:30 PM Bike Show Awards
3:00 PM Tattoo Contest registration (Boogie Dome)
3:00 PM Contest (Boogie Bar)
4:00 PM Tattoo Contest (Boogie Dome)
5:00 PM Beer Belly Contest (Main Stage)
5:45 PM Prettiest Panties Contest (Main Stage)
7:00 PM “Dane Clark Band” (Main Stage)
9:00 PM “Purrfect Angelz” (Main Stage)
9:00 PM Ice Sales Close
11:00 PM “Creed Fisher” (Main Stage)
2:00 AM Shuttles shutdown

Sunday, July 18

10:00 AM Non-Denominational Spiritual New Creations Restoration Church shelter (in the bottoms)
11:00 AM Event closes